CrowdGame is a new approach to social in-person gaming. We think that with everyone carrying powerful game controllers in their pockets (in the form of smartphones), and the emergence of the iPad (which is really a powerful, portable, and easy to use game console, when you think about it) there’s an opportunity to introduce innovative and engaging experiences.

Our vision is to harness these capabilities – the display, touch-screen, sensors, networking, powerful CPUs and memory of the average smartphone and iPad-class slates, as well as the power of HTML, CSS, and other emerging technology stacks, on the device and in the cloud – to enable a series of in-person “crowd” experiences with a common DNA: portable, multi-user, multi-display, and real-time.

CrowdGame Trivially is the first in this series of experiences. There are plenty of trivia and quiz games available, but we think that Trivially’s characteristics – high-level of UI refinement and reliable, nearly-instantaneous play for many players, coordinated by and displayed on an iPad – sets it apart, and is an ample demonstrator for the potential of this approach. While the classic trivia game probably won’t push the state-of-the-art in terms of game mechanics, graphics, or AI, we had to start somewhere… We’ve got plenty of ideas for what could follow, in social gaming and in other scenarios, such as business or education… anywhere there’s a crowd.

We’re always up for a partnering or business discussion… drop us a line.

Our Technology

CrowdGame has developed multi-user game infrastructure using CoffeeScript, a unique object-oriented scripting language, HTML, CSS, and other goodies (including Node.js, express), utilizing Appcelerator (on the device) and various cloud technologies (AWS, Heroku).

About Hyperbotic Labs, Inc

CrowdGame Trivially is built by Hyperbotic Labs, Inc. Hyperbotic operates out of a shack under the Ship Canal Bridge. Everything’s in the cloud. If you’d like to stop by, email ahead and we’ll meet you at the Ivar’s take out window. It’s just easier this way.