CrowdGame Trivially Console: now *FREE*

In anticipation of CrowdGame Trivially V2 – coming any week now…! – we’ve lowered the price of the current version, which has been available in the App Store since the end of June… to FREE. This price change will be effective on Monday, 17 October.

So, go find an iPad and install CrowdGrame Trivially Console on it (link) – FREE! – and then find 5 friends and install Trivially Remote (link) – which has always been FREE – on each of your and their’s iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad devices, and have a CrowdGame-inspired trivia party. The result? Good, clean, FREE fun!

Give it a try and let us know what you think. We’re always interested in your feedback, especially as V2 nears completion. In the coming weeks, we’ll start talking more about what’s in V2 and why we’re so excited about it…!

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