CrowdGame Trivially is now available in the Apple App Store!

So, if you have an iPad and at least one other i-device… an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad… give it a try!

Click here to browse to the Trivially Console in the App Store, and install it on your iPad.

Then click here to browse to the Trivially Remote, and install it on your other device. Get your friends to install the Remote on their devices also. Then you can have a Trivially party.

We’re very excited that these apps are now publicly available. We hope you have fun with them. Please send us your feedback and thoughts – we’ve love to hear from you. Or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Note that we offer a toll-free number in addition to an email contact form.

A note about using the Remote: please ensure that each device on which you’ve installed Trivially Remote has either WiFi or Bluetooth enabled, but not both. There’s a known issue with iOS that may hamper your fun if both WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled… just one or the other, please! The iPad on which Trivially Console is running can have both on, as needed.



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