Updated trivia available for CrowdGame Trivially!

Today we made available updated and new trivia questions, for all Trivially fans!

This is a free update… as we create more questions, or improve existing ones, we’ll make them available to all Trivially fans.

To take advantage of this update, first make sure that your iPad – where you installed Trivially Console – is online (connected to the Web via wifi or 3G).

The Console will, after a short while, detect the update – either while on the start page, or when the app is first opened, or after a game is completed.

On the Start Page, watch the “message marquee” at the bottom (just above where the critters appear), which displays messages like “Waiting for Trivially Remotes”:

or “Touch here to rate Trivially at the App Store… thanks!” 🙂

Once your Trivially Console detects that the update is available, this message will appear: “A Trivia Update is available! Touch here to install”:

When you see it, touch the message on the screen. The message will change to: “Starting trivia update. This will only take a moment”.

During this time, you won’t be able to start a new game (but don’t worry, it should only take 10 seconds or so), as Trivially Console downloads the new and updated trivia and installs it.

When that’s done, you’ll see this:

And that’s it! Trivially Console has updated its trivia database, for an even more awesome trivia experience!