Get the latest version of Trivially… version 1.2!

The latest version of Trivially – v1.2 – is now available in the Apple App Store!

If you go to the App Store to check it out – and there’s really no reason you wouldn’t want to, frankly – this is what you’ll see listed there as new or changed with this release… with some added details:

  • “UI improvements: Decreased answer reveal time to 3 seconds and simpler help text”

With previous versions, after players had rung in with their guesses, the correct answer was shown for 5 seconds. We’ve heard from a number of folks that 3 seconds would do just fine, keeping the game moving along. Thanks for the feedback!

(Note: we’re also thinking about adding this option: as a question is displayed, the first player to ring in with the correct answer would win that round, unlike the current game play where all of the players with the correct answer are awarded a point… thoughts? Let us know what you think…)

  • “In-app purchase improvements: fixed problem with apparently-but-not-really disappearing purchases after app restart”
If you’ve ever written or used software before – and who hasn’t, really? – you know that sometimes, there are bugs, even inside modern trivia apps. In this case, as described in an earlier post, there was a situation where if you purchased one of our excellent trivia packs, it would appear that the purchase didn’t “stick” under certain circumstances. Of course, the purchased item was always available, but it appeared at times to not be there. We were able to reduce the possibility of this happening via a subsequent over-the-air instant trivia update, so that it affected fewer players. But with this version, 1.2, it’s been fixed for good. Please accept our apologies if you ran into this…
  • “Improved UI while a purchase is in progress”
More user feedback: if you made the excellent decision to buy one of our many trivia packs, thank you! But some folks felt that the UI was a little confusing: when you pressed the button to buy a trivia pack, all of the buy buttons dimmed, not just the one you were purchasing. As much as we’d like for you all to buy ALL of our excellent trivia packs, we don’t want to confuse you into thinking that that’s what you had done. We’d be happy if you bought them one pack at a time. Thanks for the feedback!
  • “Improvements to recovery after certain kinds of network problems during purchase”

Sometimes it seems that writing product software is all about handing the edge cases. And in this case, we found a few situations where the user experience, after certain kinds of network failures, wasn’t as good as we’d like it to be. We don’t want users to  worry about problems where, say, if you decide to purchase trivia pack (always an excellent move, by the way) and either the transaction with the Apple App Store, or the download of the content, fails for some reason. A modern connected app such as Trivially always has lots of code to deal with this situations, including things like asynchronous “watchdog” timers which fire in case network requests go unanswered.

As always: thanks for your support. Go check it out, have fun, and maybe even learn a thing or two!