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How to redeem promo codes in the Apple App Store

If you’ve received a promo code to CrowdGame Trivially, you might want to know how to use it!?

It’s actually easy… once you’ve done it.

If you’re viewing this on the computer on which you have iTunes installed, click this link. Your browser may prompt you to ensure that you actually do want to launch iTunes – click “launch” or “yes” if so.

Or follow these instructions:
1: Open iTunes on your computer
2: Navigate to the iTunes Store, by clicking on “iTunes Store” on the left-hand menu bar
3: Look for “Redeem” under “Quick Links”, on the right side, near the top.
4: Enter/paste your promo code and click “Redeem”.
5: You may be prompted to enter your iTunes password. The rest should be familiar to you…

Thanks for playing Trivially! We’d love to hear your feedback!!

Getting ready

A first post, on the occasion of the first presentable version of, and, with any luck, being days away from starting up a test program. We want Trivially to present a high-quality, fun, and trouble-free experience.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported this effort along the way… most of you who have helped probably know who you are, but not all of you. Regardless: thank you!