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Making the transition from Trivially V1 to Trivially V2

This post is for those proud owners of Trivially V1 Console and Remote, which have been available in the Apple App Store since 6/30/2011 (just over 7 months now).

First, thanks for supporting CrowdGame by installing Trivially Console & Remote. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the apps! We learned a lot from your feedback and hope that you’ll find the next version – which, with any luck, will be available soon – to be a significant improvement. Thanks again!

We expect the “new” version of Trivially to be available shortly. An important thing to know about this new version is that it has significant new features and capabilities as compared to the “old” version you’ve been using… so much so that it’s been submitted to the Apple App Store as a completely new app. We felt that this was the best approach for existing users of the “old” app.

This means that you’ll be able to keep the “old” version of Trivially Console installed alongside the “new” version of Trivially, on your iPad. Here are some of the important operational differences between the two versions:

  • Players interact with the “new” and “old” versions of the app in different ways. With the “old” version, players use the “Trivially Remote” app installed on their iOS devices to interact with the “Trivially Console” app installed on their iPad. With the “new” version, only one app – “Trivially” – is needed (installed on the iPad); players interact with it via mobile web pages viewed on their iOS devices. We think that players will find it easier and faster to just browse to “” to join a game, as compared to installing a new app. (This means that the “new” version requires all devices to be on the same WiFi network.)
  • The “new” version has a “free to play” or “freemium” model… As with the “old” version, the “new” version is free. However, the “new” app comes loaded with tons of free trivia content in 6 different trivia packs in 5 categories, but also offers loads more trivia questions in via additional trivia packs, available for convenient and instant in-app purchase. We plan to continually expand the range, depth, and topic areas of the trivia made available via in-app purchases.
  • The “new” version supports “Direct Play”: install “Trivially” on your iPad and you can instantly start playing directly on the iPad… no need to use a separate device. This is handy for when you just want to get in a contest or two by yourself.

There are many other changes, as I’m sure you’ll notice when you try it out, but as players of the first version, these are the bigger things you’ll want to have in mind.

UPDATE, 2/2/2012: Once the new version is available, it’s likely that the apps associated with the “old” version – Trivially Console and Trivially Remote – will be removed from the App Store so that we can focus on the new app moving forward.

Thanks again for your support!


Now, we wait…

Today we submitted for Apple’s review the new version of CrowdGame Trivially.

What happens now??

According to this site, the average review time is averaging 6 days, but you never know with these things. There might be something unusual about our app that requires more work on either side, or Apple might find something that needs fixing (hope not!).

Stay tuned for more details!

According to this site, 220 days (week days + week ends) have elapsed since the initial version of Trivially Console and Remote were submitted to the Apple App Store. Both apps were approved within 4 working days.

Thanks to all of you who have helped out along the way, in many ways and perhaps without even knowing it.

Next time, we’ll try not to go 220 days without an update 🙂