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Trivially 2.6 – Now, with more cowbell*

A really rewarding aspect to shipping Trivially is hearing how people are using the app, especially the Custom Trivia Pack feature. Lately, we’ve heard about large and small companies creating their own trivia packs for internal and external events, and a number of schools and church groups working up fun quizzes and study guides in the form of custom trivia packs.

And we’ve also been hearing from folks who build their own custom trivia packs for use in pub trivia night events: run Trivially on an iPad connected via cable to a flat screen (details on this page) or, via AirPlay, project it to an Apple TV box connected to a flat screen. Run Trivially in the background during the day, or as part of an active contest at night.

Which brings us to this new release, version 2.6. Really, only one major new feature comes to life with version 2.6. In previous versions, the number of seconds you could choose to display a question ranged from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, in four increments,. Now, the upper limit is 9 minutes, 30 seconds, with a number of steps in between. That’s literally 9 more minutes of fun per question at your disposal!

This is what the upgraded “Time Per Questions” option looks like on the Start Page (in the oval):

CrowdGame Trivially - Console  - Start Page - new Time Per Question







We added this feature because we’ve heard from pub trivia players that 30 seconds might not be enough time for some of the (presumably tricky?) custom trivia packs they were putting together. Enjoy!

PS: in case this doesn’t make sense to you, see this.

PPS: there’s a little present in this version of Trivially… we’ve let slip through a little bug that might just be worth your time to try to find, especially since it involves a cool feature that typically costs MONEY but is now FREE – at least until we can ship a fix through the Apple App Store. Can you find it?