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CrowdGame Trivially 2.2.1 – A huge release!

Trivially 2.2.1, released just a few days ago, introduces these features:

  • Create your own Custom Trivia Pack, featuring your own questions and answers! Liven up your next birthday party, anniversary, training event, class, or just for the fun of it. Requires in-app purchase.
  • Introducing new, for-purchase content packs, including the first in a series from a pub trivia master, and a “Learn Mandarin” language training series.
  • Upgraded and tuned-up graphics, screens, and gameplay, including support for iPad 3 Retina displays, and “First Correct Answer Wins” option.
  • Players can now connect to the game with Safari, Chrome, or FireFox browsers on PC or Mac, or IE10 on Windows 8, as well as with iOS devices.

The Custom Trivia Pack feature is an idea we’ve had for a while… ever since the first version of Trivially shipped in July, 2011, we’ve been asked to make it possible for players to create their own contests. “We love your built-in and for-purchase content – don’t get us wrong”, they’d say… “but we really have some great ideas for own contests, because we have a special event X coming up and we want to do something new and different”… where X is:

  • A oil spill response training class in Alaska
  • A youth club gathering
  • A teacher quizzing students on recent history topics
  • A trivia contest at a company morale event
  • A reception at a wedding of two game-loving folks
  • A fun addition to a company fund-raiser
  • Trivia pub night event in several cities around the world

So, have at it. Visit this page to learn more about how it works. Once you’ve created your own contest, it’s easy to share it with friends, groups, etc, as a URL, via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for creating a Custom Trivia Pack:

  • Zoe, your 8 year old is having a birthday party with her friends. Create a “When Zoe Was a Baby” trivia pack for the occasion, with questions and answers that her friends will have fun guessing over.
  • It’s election season. Put together a contest that shows your command of the political landscape. Have your buddies over for a Presidential Debate party, with Trivially as the warm-up.
  • Are you a teacher? Use Trivially in your classroom to make learning (more) fun. Invite your students to make their own contests, for play with their classmates.
  • Need to educate or train your colleagues at your company on a new procedure, process, or get some new hires up to speed in a hurry? Create a Custom Trivial pack and score points with the boss.
Of course, all of these scenarios benefit from AirPlay: use Trivially on an iPad 2 (or later) and AirPlay the screen to an Apple TV connection to a large screen. Trivially’s graphics really shine, and it instantly attracts your attention. It’s a lot of fun.

We’re also excited about the three new content packs that were created just for Trivially:

  • Learn Mandarin #1: Match characters to pinyin (Easy) (US$.99). Match a Mandarin character with its correct pinyin. #1 in a series of contests designed to help the aspiring student master the reading of Mandarin! 祝你好運!
  • Learn Mandarin #2: Match characters to pinyin (Medium) (US$.99). Match a 2 character Mandarin phrase with the correct pinyin. #2 in a series of contests designed to help the aspiring student master the reading of Mandarin! 祝你好運!

And, introducing trivia from Tommy:

  • Tommy’s Curious Quiz #1 (US$.99): Original trivia for people who know too much! First in a series from Seattle pub quiz refugee Tommy Williams. Rated 9+ for questionable taste.

Please show your support for our budding trivia authors… each is only $.99. Buy all three!

Finally, you’ll also see a number of important improvements to the game:

  • Upgraded and tuned-up graphics for iPad 3’s Retina display
  • Many improvements, performance enhancements, and “defect removals” (bug fixes)
  • A much-requested feature: the “First Correct Answer Wins” option. With this option turned on, the first player who rings in with the correct answer wins that round.

Give it a try! If you like it, please rate us in the App Store. And please let us know what you think – we love feedback, and ideas for what features to add next.