Monthly Archives: March 2012

Help us build and test the next version of Trivially! Interested in user-created contests??

Well, if you want to help code, that would be great!!

But we’re also looking for:

– Ideas for new features you can’t live without

– Feedback on current features that you think could be improved

– Notions on new content packs you’d like to see added for instant purchase and download

Regarding a particular new feature: we’ve heard from a few folks that it would be really excellent to be able to create your own contests, for play on your iPad or to share with friends for play on their iPads. So we’ve been cooking up this feature a bit. We’re not sure exactly what final shape the feature will take or how it’ll be monetized (if at all), so we’d like some feedback.

We think that it’s about ready for testing (by more than our staff monkeys, that is).  So if you’re interested in trying out an early version of “user created contests”, please drop us a line (, or use this form). We’d love to hear from you!