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CrowdGame Trivially is the FREE customizable real-time quiz game that turns your iPad into a portable game console for up to 11 players!

Trivially challenges your party with an ever-expanding set of trivia questions in multiple categories and levels of difficulty. On your iPad, Trivially shows who’s playing, the questions, the countdown clock, and real-time results for all to see.

You and your friends – up to 11 in total – use the browsers on their mobile devices or PCs to select answers and compete against each other in real-time.

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What do I need?

It’s easy to get started with Trivially!

Install the free CrowdGameTrivially  app on your iPad. Each player browses to joincg.com on his or her mobile device or PC (iOS 4.3 or above devices are supported, plus modern browsers on PCs – more info here) and is instantly joined to the game displayed on the iPad. Select the trivia topics you want to play and hit “Start Game”. As each question is displayed on the iPad, players answer with their guesses in real time on their iOS devices. At the end of the contest, each player’s score is displayed.

You can also play Trivially in single-user mode, directly on the iPad.

Customize it! Download new trivia packs! Create your own trivia game!

Trivially can be customized – you can change the timing and number of questions in each contest, as well as the sound effects.

You can also instantly download free and for-purchase trivia packs to expand the game and further challenge your friends. CrowdGame Trivially - In-app Purchase

Current downloadable packs include intermediate and advanced topics in: Science, Geography, History, Literature, and Sports. For the complete list of included and for-sale trivia packs, see this page.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, buy the Custom Trivia Pack feature, available for purchase within the app, to create your own trivia game, for a friend’s birthday party, a wedding anniversary, or to make learning more fun in the classroom. More info here.

Play on the Big Screen!

For a great party experience, project Trivially onto an external monitor or your TV. You’ll need an iPad 2 or iPad 3 and a video dock connector or an Apple TV.

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